FireFrog. Games On The Go.

We at FireFrog have a simple mission statement:

To make perfect games for today's portable devices. 

Not only do we endeavor to make games that look amazing, they must also play well on today's extremely varied portable, touchscreen, technology.


FireFrog Games was established in 2011 by three people with a passion for gaming and mobile tech.  Between us we have 20 years experience with Design, 20 years experience in programming and application development, and 15 years in the console games industry. Together this team has the perfect experience for creating great games for this new generation of handheld technology.



Solitaire ULTRA is FireFrog's first game.  It is OUT NOW on Android Marketplace.

Click Here to visit Solitaire ULTRA on the Android Market.


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“I've played every single Solitaire game for Android, and I can honestly say this is not only the best game experience, but it's by far the most polished and best looking Solitaire game on ANY platform.”
— Faye O'Donohue